Energy for your Body

The best investment you will Ever make is in your own HEALTH

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What is the Vital Energy for your Body?

The Vital Store is a wellness center with a spa-like at- atmosphere, where you’re greeted by a registered nurse who helps you evaluate which vitamin injection will help you the most Most clients come weekly, and we offer discounts when you buy a package.

No appointment is necessary for injections and walk-ins are welcome from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.


Please call 941-375-8342 with any questions and to book your appointment.

What are the options for vitamin injections?

We offer 14 injection products formulated to help adults increase energy, lose weight, en- hence immunity, eliminate toxins, support fitness, improve skin health, and resist chronic diseases as we age. Our website has details about each injection.

Why are vitamin injections important?

They provide full absorption of targeted nutrients almost immediately. That’s a big contrast to pills which lose a notable percentage of nutrients during digestion. Most adults don’t have optimal gut health due to how much we enjoy alcohol, dairy, and carbs. We have a physician who provides the order, which saves time and money.


Why are Vital shots popular?

B12 deficiency is common and can lead to low energy, depression, diminished immunity, fertility issues, lack of focus, and more. B12 supports red blood cells that carry oxygen to nourish our vital organs.

It strengthens our immune system, supports the cardiovascular system, and fosters good brain health.
A stronger immune system protects our body from harmful pathogens and environmental risks.